Trucking Company in Vancouver

When transporting personal items, products, or supplies from one region to another, clients need more than just a truck with a licensed driver behind the wheel. They need the expertise of a long-haul trucking company that can prioritize and coordinate shipments in a cost-effective manner. They need a company that treats shipments as their own.

That is where the esteemed expedited trucking experts at Bob Brown LLC come in.

Over the years, we have established ourselves as the leading trucking company in the Vancouver area. We don’t just treat high-priority cargo with care—we treat every shipment as if it is high-priority.

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Trucking Services Crafted with Care

When individuals need to ship items great or small distances, they contact us. We’re the power-only commercial trucking company that can transport shipments of any size. We can coordinate with other shipping companies, deliver to warehouses, or even a family’s doorstep.

All along the way, we promise you a customer experience like no other. Over the years, we’ve learned to understand and anticipate the needs and concerns of our client base. Rest assured, we are always available to address any questions you have. Whether you request expedited or standard shipping, you can always contact us for information on arrivals and the location of your freight.

Whether you require long-haul trucking services for an oversized shipment or LTL services, we can most definitely help you. At our offices, we’ve crafted our services with the client in mind. Call us today.

Trust Our Truckers

Our licensed, bonded, and insured truckers exercise great care and caution when transporting your belongings to your desired destination. They’re truckers with a vested interest in customer satisfaction. By their side is our team of logistics, dispatch, and unloading experts. Together, our team makes sure every mile of the road ahead is as smooth as possible. Our logistics team monitors shipments and coordinates with other freighters and transporters, ensuring everything goes according to plan.

With truckers as diligent and hardworking as ours, you get more than on-time delivery—you get peace of mind. That is what we promise, and that is what we provide.

Shipping Services Tailored to You

No two clients come to us with the same shipments, time frames, or requests. At our job, every day is truly different. Rather than force clients to conform to rigid practices, we tailor our services to the client. This ensures that we meet all the requirements of your freight, no matter how specific they may be.

LTL Shipping

Are you worried that your shipment is too small to justify the costs associated with shipping and trucking? Don’t be. For those shipments that only require a portion of the allotted space in a truck, we offer less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping. With LTL shipping, you reap the benefits of our service without having to pay the rates associated with full truckload (FTL) shipping.

Your First Choice for Long-Haul Trucking

Bob Brown LLC is the first-choice carrier in Vancouver thanks to our comprehensive transportation capabilities and our track record of success for on-time, safe deliveries.

Get a no-obligation cost estimate of our trucking services today. Give us a call at (360) 901-4356.

Full-Service Trucking Company

We are always on the go, transporting your goods wherever you need them to be. We offer a complete range of transportation services, including, but not limited to:

  • Hotshot trucking
  • Intermodal trucking
  • Bulk liquid trucking
  • LTL trucking
  • Flatbed trucking
  • Refrigerated trucking
  • Oversize load trucking
  • And more!

Whether you need a logistics expert to manage a single shipment or to coordinate a daily flux of dispatches and arrivals, we have you covered. We’re confident we can develop a personalized transportation solution at a fantastic price. Get in touch with us to learn more.

Trucking Services On-Time, Every Time

Our job is to increase your productivity, so we pledge to provide on-time deliveries. Local businesses in a wide variety of industries have trusted us to transport their commercial inventory on strict deadlines. We always deliver, so they always come back.

In order to provide timely service, we’ve equipped our trucks with state-of-the-art GPS technology, meaning if you need a status update, we can inform you of your products’ location in real-time. Plus, thanks to our detailed route planning system, we always have a back-up plan. If road traffic or closures hamper our itinerary, we’ll quickly execute our plan B to get your goods where they need to go on time, every time.

Licensed Truck Drivers

We put safety first. All our drivers have successfully completed a rigorous qualification process that includes a full background check and in-depth road test. Of course, all our staff holds full, valid licenses to operate every truck and trailer in our fleet. What’s more, we maintain meticulous logs of our activities, on and off the road, so you can track the precise details of how we’ve handled your goods from start to finish.

Local Trucking Company with Top-of-the-Line Fleet

In order to be the best trucking company in the area, we make sure we own the best fleet in the area (and beyond). Our modern trucks and trailers are routinely inspected, maintained, and upgraded to function at peak performance year-round.

In our mission to provide you with the best-value trucking transport, we own and operate a diverse set of trucks and trailers to handle every type and size of load. Among our machinery are refrigerated trucks, dry vans, flatbed trailers, and more.

Whatever—and we mean whatever—you need to be delivered, we’re up to the job.

Contact the Top Trucking Company in Town

As a local trucking company, our commitment to our clients is complete: we offer on-time, on-budget deliveries for every type of commercial inventory you can imagine. We provide upfront quotes of all our services, so you can see for yourself why we’re at the top of our field.

Drop us a line to request your no-obligation quote today. We look forward to serving you.